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tv   [untitled]    April 28, 2011 7:30am-8:00am PDT

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department or -- and this is a big or -- that the action described was so obviously imaginary that their occurrence is not admissible by any competent -- >> if you could wrap it up. >> i need to get an explanation of what they mean by explanation only. also regarding the statement that it raised matters odds the jurisdiction of the o.c.c., one of the investigators told me that one of the cops that i named in the complaint had retired so therefore, they don't have jurisdiction over him. what the other investigator told me was someone else was behind the harassment. i need clarification please. and i would like to note on this report it says my complaint was
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withdrawn and i never withdrew it. >> thank you, sir. thank you very much. next speaker, please. >> am i go go to get clarification on -- am i go go to get clarification on the findings here. >> you have the number and maybe you can contact chief investigator and director hicks will speak with him and will have an answer for you. >> commissioners, director of san francisco citizens for open government. you disregarded your agenda and went to item number five, two hours on that and closed session and forced all the members of the public that were here to talk about the other items and agenda out of the room. it was done so you could come back after your long closed
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session and then conduct all of the rest of the business on the agenda without public participation in the process or the opportunity to give public comment. and before someone tells me you have the right to set the agenda, yeah, you have the right to set the agenda but i have the right to tell you once you set it, you have to stick to it. and after making statements about the fact that you appreciate public comment doesn't hold very well when you take actions that actually preclude the public from making those comments. when you did this back in september and i came back and i stayed around for four hours to call it to your attention, that was when you tried to tell me i wasn't allowed to talk about it. six out of the seven of you are attorneys and you must have some education in constitutional law and you know that you can't make up silly rules to tell a member of the public that they are not allowed to talk about certain things that they feel affect this board, its operations, its
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policies or procedures. we have been through this over and over again. what you have learned to do, you have learned to manipulate the agenda, force the people who are members of the public out. the first reason is six out of the seven of you are attorneys and since the charters say it is to make up the community, i have a hard time to understand how you reflect anything but a legal point of view. if the civil rights and constitutional rights of the citizens who come to speak to you are compromised, it doesn't matter to you. don't say we appreciate the value of the comments, we appreciate the public input because the reality says you
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don't. sometimes it's interesting when you do come back and members of the public are gone and you don't think anybody is listening to you, you say some remarkable things so i is an upside to it. you say some things that you forget, there are no members of the public and you make honest admissions that the department is withholding things so the line you follow in criminal cases, so it's interesting to listen to you. you don't respect the public and don't respect their right to comment and don't respect the flag. >> next speaker. >> good evening. how are you? >> fine. sounds like you guys are busted. good evening to you and congratulations to chief greg suhr.
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kojak is back. >> this is for you all. and it's called to suhr with love. the authority be mine to raise the roof with these facts in constitutional truth the constitution dictates all lawful interpretation by all law enforcement in this here nation especially by the sheriff or chief of police the living lord has been mocked and be mocked no more, coming now to seize the corporate store of war i have no interest in reasons or any alibi disregarding the constitution better still arrest the politician or the serpent that clouds true vision to see for the nonprofit he be, serve your warriors well to avoid riot.
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for your target destiny be the service the meek, being in service to almighty so they all seek, i know about black mail and child porn and san francisco's police come policity, new police chief do not be afraid of the heavy hand perhaps like dirty harry better still at almighty's command. so as not to guess, hand over these culprits to the press. be now in service to the lost and least, bring down pedafile whether judge or catholic priest. i know who you are and i know where you have been and we know religions, the olive branch be real to seal the deal, the reckoning be upon us to all to heal. protect the upcoming student worker general strike, the promised land path be a worth hike and so this is what i'm here to share with the likes of
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you. i have also provided to a lot of your officers including some here tonight some information specific to the garrido case. i support and i write about and respect law enforcement. we know that there is a segment that's been a little bit more than questionable and the case of the garrido case could never have gone on for 18 years let alone 18 days without some law enforcement come policity. i ask you to investigate this because there are tie-ins to san francisco and i believe we are here to do what's best for all. and i thank you for blessing me with your time. good luck. >> next speaker.
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>> good luck. that's a statement. i also welcome you, chief, to the city. i have been a resident for 41 years. i'm glad that we have someone who is yung enough to last 10 more years instead of an import from new mexico or newark or l.a. that doesn't know the background of this city or the police procedures, like the biggest disaster we had in george gascon. the district attorney running for office now after being chief of police. so i welcome you, sir. you have a big plate and it's full. a couple of items which you have seen in the last couple of days puts the commission on notice that you aren't doing the job or job that is equal to maybe the
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new chief of police and i don't have to bring up the article for you. san francisco, f.b.i., chief of police, we know about the drop program and i say suhr as chief of police, don't take your marching orders from the police chief association that dances around. they are not paid for by us, which is a city and county. they are not voted in by us which is city and county but stuck a big pay check out of guys like you to keep their establishment rolling while this city rolls into bankrupt and the cash flow statements or negative cash flow statements are coming from the s.f.p.d., both pensions and sal salaries. we have to talk about the drop program, 400 officers say they are going to leave. i bring that to your attention
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sir because i saw gascon parade in this city with a limo with escorts and police cars with no police chief in the history of this city has done that. i have noticed when the president of the united states, mr. obama showed up on two occasions, i saw the biggest amada of police officers sawing the president. never saw that with george clinton, -- bill clinton and george bush. are there threats against his life or putting officers in overtime. this is part of his plan to create royalty in your office or his office and i think the budget has to put a stop to that. realize where this city is going, off the cliff financially and this commission should understand that starting now with the new chief.
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i thank you for your time. >> welcome back. >> good evening. i'm barry toronto. been a while since i have been here, but i thought it would be a good time because i have another meeting here this afternoon and i wanted to welcome the new chief. i think chief suhr, it's telling when the chief doesn't come with a whole bunch of bodyguards and shakes your hand right away. that's a good sign, not just for the officers, but the citizens of san francisco and the bay area. a good sign and ought to take that note. so, it means that if you have a problem or concern, he will at least talk with you and that didn't happen with his predecessors, i'm sorry. but i do want to say, though, i wanted to nominate angela chan for commissioner of the year for
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the city, because i have watched the meetings regarding the c.i.t. program and the tasers. the array of speakers and the program she put on, i should pay for it because it's a college class. it was a college class of information. it was amazing. and so i think -- i think everybody should respect her for that and i think she should be on staff for that. it's amazing. i want r wanted to say though the county of marin paid to a sheriff who violated use of a protocol for use of a taser. look at the video and story to get information about it. next, about p -- the permits, the permit officers, every district, i want to say you have a good one and bad one.
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he shows up at meetings and has a grat attitude how he deals with issues. but you have another one is bad. shows up at meetings and provides the conditions from the police department the last minute, giving the applicants of place of entertainment permits hard any time to deal with your conditions. timothy dalton should be replaced. and last but not least had a meeting over at the m.t.a. involving deputy chief murphy. there needs to be a timely manner that the taxi drivers and dispatchers get the information that a violent crime has occurred so they can look at the suspect ordeal with the issue. unfortunately the way it's being done now is a little difficult and i'm hoping under chief you
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can look at how taxi enforcement is being done and bring it back the way it was before. thank you and good luck to you. >> next speaker. we are waiting for you clyde. you are next. >> hello, good evening. i worked on police issues throughout the 1990's. knew a lot of police chiefs and i want to say something to what a police chief told me. you might recognize his name, tony boza. he was a cop in new york and police chief in minneapolis. he said one thing. either have to represent the people or you have to make a choice and represent the police
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union. you have to make a choice. i hope you make the right one. >> good evening, clyde. >> good evening. we spoke before, i think, chief suhr? didn't i tell you on monday you were going to be here on wednesday and sitting in that chair. and you said what? i knew. it leaked. that's great. i have never in my born days seen the support for an officer that's equal to william. you made that league. you have made that league. and i grew up with william and i never seen -- he had support nationally, internationally and to prove a point last night when this first news broke publicly, i got a call. it just went viral. so i jumped up on the net and it was viral.
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>> you were blogging? >> you know that. michael levin. and 70%, 70% of the log on stgate and sfexaminer were positive. there are people out in the viral world who insult god. the insult, don't take it personally. 75% and the ones who insulted you, i defended you because people can spin. and some of the stuff that was spinning, i was googling, here are the facts. welcome and welcome and every officer on the force. biggest joke, i see the beat cup. clyde, has it happened yet, because they think i know. i said not yet. when's the press conference? when's the press conference. i had a friendly bet. i got lots ofwelcome, and enjoy.
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>> any further public comment? hearing none, item number three. >> reports and announcements. we have the report on crime statistics, review of recent activities, a special compliance, and more. >> is time to get to work. >> i am happy to report the crime is still trending down. that is significant. it is over 20%. this was driven by drops in auto thefts and auto burglaries. this has been driven by drops in auto thefts and auto burglaries
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which are down 26% and 28% respectively. i can tell you we were getting creamed with auto burglaries and deaths. they were also trending down significantly. while we were still doing the thing where we were getting a handle on the violent crime, it is paramount. it appears to be now correcting itself. 9% fewer violent crimes, we were considering that we were slightly ahead of where we were last year. with a net increase of three and 14 crimes which is less than 3%. , comparisons are 20 vs 17. putting that in perspective who was the second best year since i think of was in sixth grade. the next best after that was the
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year before. the clearance rates are over 65%. where were about 80% year to date which is a huge improvement over prior years. last year, you can't arrest. it was all partnership anyway. shootings are just about flat. the 74 vs 73. that will be a real bellwether. nobody ever shoot anybody that doesn't have the intent to do serious injury or death. those are the numbers that we try to keep a bid on. >> any questions for the chief regarding crime statistics? a >> of the next line item,
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regarding patrol special officers and a presentation for that this evening? >> i will introduce the lieutenant. >> how are you? >> congratulations, by the way. last week, i did a presentation on the patrol specials. i left last week with some questions that i was to address this week and have come here with those facts. i want to tell you a good thing that transpired. there was a release of the bulletin as of today, and they built 11 of 9. the regulations for patrol this is a remake of a bulletin that was issued. i believe it was issued in 2008.
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what it does is it refreshes the election of the patrol division. very quickly, i will go through what it does. that lets them know that there are rules in existence for control specialists. and tell them what uniforms and equipment that we wear. it also tells them what information from computer query's that they're able to use, they are sensitive. the procedures for reporting on and off duty, there are not allowed to alter their vehicles in any way. they are not allowed to use emergency lighting and equipment or sirens. they are not allowed to issue citations. they are not allowed to be in vehicle pursuit. that describes the the
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commission has directed the, the department will follow the interim rules and procedures of the patrol special officers and their assistants. in the event that they are to find any violations, they are to memorialize that violation through the chain of command. and or forward that to the department's internal affairs division. they also make a paragraph, there are located at all of the district police stations. they describe also the commission posy of full procedures. in the event that they need assistance, my name was place in this memo that i'm available to them on and off duty 24 hours a day through the department unit. that is the informational after hours dissemination of information.
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it will close any gaps that we have given that we have such a big influx of new people. they are assigned to the patrol division. in reference to the question about exactly how many patrol specials we have, i had an opportunity to dissect all of the records and interviewed by associates that have taken this assignment prior to me being here. we have a total of 42 patrol special officers. of the 42, we have 15 that are inactive. they have 27 active control specialists. of those 27, where we have nine other owners. the question was posed to me last week, how many beats do we have in san francisco. we have a total of 67 in san francisco.
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to which only 28 are actively worked. the essence are either abandoned her, not serviced by an owner, there has been a death or retirement or a separation from the organization. the proof of insurance, liability insurance those proposed last week, the commission to the president had advised the control specialists that they had to have the proof of insurance in by 5:00 last friday. a report that as of now, of the nine owners, three are not in compliance. with either the workers comp or the vehicle insurance.
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or the client list. i was just given 1 this evening. my actions will be to forward that information. to the internal affairs division and the chief's office. also additional records indicate the of the 27 actual officers, 10 failed to issue the informational sheets. addresses, phone numbers, date of birth. what cards you have registered to you. additionally, three of those 27 were out of compliance for the range qualification and those were forwarded last week to management control division. it was response to the question
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posed regarding and background investigations. the information i received are how many applications are currently in the background to it? they show one file. it was received in the background of your a twenty first. it was hand carried by myself. what is the anticipated turnaround time to be completed by the patrol special? one month. the question in backgrounds for conduct the investigation, there appears to be no files or correspondence in the background division. i said that our records indicated e-mail's. they submitted an application in 2010, and we have no
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applications or correspondence. a final statement regarding the grounds, they are reviewed for compliance. using a the police officer standardize trading post. the guidelines are currently under review. also what was posed to me was historical information with regards to management control complaints. how many complaints were historical received. in 2006, we had nine complaints. in 2007, we had five complaints. this is specifically control specialists or assistant patrol specialists. three complaints.
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in 2009, 29 complaints. in 2010, nine complaints. i hope that i have satisfied the requirements that the commission has directed me. >> i think this commission, we are dismayed by the lack of compliance. it was the theme last weekend. in this very unique situation, especially after the recommended that they be disbanded, in order for them to operate, they would be in compliance for public safety issues involving training and involvement with other officers. and the murkiness of the uniforms looking like the police department, they're using our radios and operating out of our station.
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i think the message is pretty clear. i was put in a spot last week. the police commission is responsible. once i heard that we were responsible and we put these interim rules in place after significant work with others, we would be december of 2008. there is concern. the basic concern is proof of insurance. >> there has to be proved insurance act with in damnation cause for the city. i think we cannot allow people to be operating without insurance. my concern was to find out who submitted insurance. si


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